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Twitchy Writers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Twitchy Writers

Any random material of writing may be posted here for help, advice or just personal evaluation - by Inny, Mickey, and any other twitchy writer wannabies who have enough guts to join.

Slash, yaoi/yuri friendly - DS, Pagan, FMA, Yami anything including original (long/short) stories.

Constructive criticism wanted!

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Feelers for the uber long original epic of DOOM! aka "Death's Angel Saga" [Thursday
Aug 25th at 3:08pm ]

Where to start? I'm not sure. If the "public" ever gets wind of this, I'd like it to start with this timeline/universe. But this timeline might be boring to some. ^^;;

Anyway, copying and pasting from previous posts:

WARNING: Long post ahead!Collapse )

So far, the only thing remotely complete is a side story to the prelude.

There is no end to the Angel's SongCollapse )

Angel's Song explainedCollapse )

A glimpse of the BeginningCollapse )

I think... that's enough for now. Thank you ahead of time for your opinions. ^^;; I know it's rather long.

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I'm so late at introductions... [Thursday
Aug 25th at 2:22pm ]

[ mood | guilty ]


I know I'm really late at this. ^^;; But it seems like I lurk and lurk and... lurk some more... ^^;; *cough*

I aksed to join this group because I wanted to get critiques and feelers before spilling my story out. I'm not much of a writer and it takes me ages to get anything out of me coherently. (I can get many things incoherent but it only makes sense inside my own head. When I write these down, even I am confused and wonder what I was thinking.)

Thank you for accepting me. I'll post the story up in a moment.


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Aug 19th at 10:29am ]

Since no one's updated in a while, I guess I feel obliged to do so. I have no idea how on earth I manage to even write one week before QCS, but here it is.

I translated an excerpt of Hoshimibito for Inyx - and for my own review of what it looks like in English. I swear it sounds better in Japanese.

Takuya - suicide boy
Altair - mysterious man who picks Takuya up
Leonis (name may change) - Bisexual hitman
Spica - Guitarrist and drugdealer of a livehouse
Cassiopeia - Gender unknown, age unknown. Fortune Teller.

...and believe it or not, they're all in the middle of a desert, looking for stars.

Yay for strange random excerpts!!Collapse )

Now that that's over.... *goes back to writing Harley/Moody for Inyx*
2 try and forget.. Slip.

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Oh My! [Sunday
Jul 17th at 1:34pm ]

[ mood | crazy ]

We have a person requesting to join! What do we do, what do we doooooo?!
*runs around in circles*

Adrian: ...>_> She's too excitable, that child is. *hits her over the head*

3 try and forget.. Slip.

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Pagansmut [Wednesday
Jul 6th at 2:03am ]

[ mood | Squee, Pagan~! ]

Well, here it finally is, my long awaited (*cough*) Paganfic. Not recommendable for... most people. But maybe the prospect of hawt men will get some of you to read, eh?

Title: In the cel (Formerly known as Random Pagansmut)
Rating: NC-17
Series: Pagan Chronicles (starting with Pagan's Crusade), by Catherine Jinks.
Pairing: Pagan/Roland
Notes: Most of you don't even know the book, but sooner or later I'll get each and every one of you to read it! Moo ha ha ha. (Or not. But still. 's a good book)

Pagansmut, ahoy!Collapse )

There, now doesn't that make you want to question Inyx' sanity read Pagan's Crusade?
Crossposted to my LJ.

3 try and forget.. Slip.

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Jul 5th at 1:47pm ]

[ mood | awake ]


After many hours of thought in Japan and about a page full of meaningless scribbles, I decided to completely scrap the two stories I started (Lethal Gene and the butterfly one) and start a new one somewhat resembling the two.

That may be because of a recent death of a friend in Japan.

I don't want to pretend to be a goody-goody and say suicide is bad. Because no one can say it's bad. Sometimes it's the only way, because people can't choose the lives they're born into. I must admit that I have felt like killing myself a few times, so I can say that I understand how he may have felt before he did what he did. To kill yourself means to kill many other people, and it's not what you would say a good thing - but as I said before, sometimes it's the only way to set your soul free from all the misery.

...Enough babbling.

As you might be able to tell, the story is about a boy who commits suicide. I've written some of it in Japanese, and when I told Inny, she was slightly upset, so I may or may not translate it into English. I just think it portrays my friend best in Japanese - since he was Japanese.

OutlineCollapse )

Mmm. That was so vague. XD At least I have my ideas in place now. Uplifting stuff, innit?

3 try and forget.. Slip.

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Jun 24th at 8:19pm ]

[ mood | geeky ]

Look, she's posting!

I was going to type out a story and post it, but as always I couldn't be arsed and lost interest and inspiration. (The secret to why my writing always takes so long, that. The only way I'm able to finish something is by writing the entire thing in one sitting.)

The idea of muses has always amused Inyx. I always figured that my muse would be very stressed with me, and probably go 'well, screw that' and take a long holiday every once in a while.

All writers get inspiration sometimes, and lots claim to have 'muses'. The idea that there's some giant office in another dimension that deals with assigning muses to new writers is terribly amusing. Especially if most muses are perfect, divine beings, like they believed in the old days but there are those that... don't fit that profile. That's how Baltimore popped up in my head.   

Baltimore is named after a place in the US, which Inyx thought she heared in a John Denver song. Turn out the man was singing something else entirely, but I liked the sound of it (plus, I have a liking to strange and horrid names). I was just fiddling around in a notebook, and there he was, on the page, looking unamused. (Well, you would be too if you were dressed like him.)

The fact is that most writers, especially starting ones, generally have very generic characters. A knight/paladin with blond hair that always saves the day, a cool fighting elf-bloke with a generic and stupid name or a princess-hero-superstar-lawyer-librarian with sparkley eyes. The idea is that muses are there to deal with characters, old and new, and keep them happy, among with getting ideas for the writer. 

Hell, I'm babbling. I like Balti, and I'm just going to post the damn first part now. *twitch*

Story: Sixteen year old Brit, a writer, is having a generally hard time finding inspiration. Her cranky and somewhat... different muse takes her to her Other World, the world she created little by little, to meet some of her characters. Chaos is, of course, only normal.

Sweet SixteenCollapse )

Yes, I know it's not much. Bear with me.

Also, I'm not sure what to fill in as the 'characters'. I have an overly cheerful dimwitted paladin (compliments to Vanillapossum), a streeturchin with an accent (I have a thing *twitch*) and some other characters I'm not sure about yet, out of the old old part of my mind. 
So think back hard and tell Inyx about the most old, generic or first characters you ever came up with. That's kind of a nice topic to talk about, isn't it?

3 try and forget.. Slip.

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Jun 21st at 6:47pm ]

[ mood | bored and hungry ]


Because I'm bored and... bored. I'm a-gonna post something. >_>


Five Dollar Bag

Rating: M - rated for frequent swearing, possible substance abuse, swearing, death, court cases, sexual references bad singing, swearing and any of the other lovely stuff most young Australians get up to when they finish high school. Damn. I can’t wait. Oh, and same-sex relationships. Why else would I post this here? ^_^

Pairings: Some boy-boy, some girl-girl, and maybe a few straight couples. And then there's that boy-boy-boy-with-girl-watching I might add... ^_^;

Summary: He's the lead guitarist in an up-and-coming band. She's a uni student, studying media. The common factor: Both their love lives are screwed . Maybe, together, they can help each other find the ones they need.

OneCollapse )

1 try and forget.. Slip.

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Jun 14th at 6:04pm ]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay, okay. I’ve been tempted by dear Deli away from my unstarted 12 page research paper due tomorrow to instead write up some summaries – mainly because I needs ta know what’s going on in them! >__< Wai, so many, too many, I think I’m drowninggg!


Click me!Collapse )


…All right, I’m off to start that research paper now… Mwuaha. ^_^

(Which reminds me, THIS LAYOUT IS SHO PURTY! *licks it, then glomps ‘Lia* ME LURVES CHU!!)

1 try and forget.. Slip.

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Jun 13th at 10:38pm ]

 YAY!!! Be happy, oh good people of Twitchy-Writerdom, because my master 'Lia-sama (liakitten ) has given us a DELICIOUS layout featuring angsty hyde and... a piano. Worship her~~! (And worship me also because I paid for this with my innocence. *cries for lost innocence*)


*cough* Ahem. So. Wah, I haven't really written anything to post here, as of yet.... But I /have/ been planning stories.... that are mostly inspired by Lisa aka my Tsuzuki-san, Stacey my writing-god and Lia of course, the taker of my innocence as well as my LJ master.


Two stories....I think. XD


Title: Lethal Gene (working title~  but pretty fond of it ^^  *cough*pulled straight out of Biology text book*cough*)


Main: > Gina Daye - highschool girl, based on a school friend... incredibly asexual, un-co, short, and natural-blonde (although not even blonde.)


        > Zack Callaghan (name may change) - weird...gay...sidekick/best friend. Woeful fashion sense, pink streaks in hair, green eyes black hair... very intelligent and great pianist.


Other: > Mr Archer (again, name may change) - scary World Religions teacher... around about 40~50? *cough*based on my English teacher*cough* ho is very... very... Snapily icy. Seems to like Gina better than others.


Story: Gina and Zack firmly believe that Mr Archer knows far too much about Satanism, by the way he teachers his classes, and believes that he is involved in a questionable cult (or something like that).  So they follow him to his house one day, and sneak in when he leaves - only to discover a secret which pulls them straight into the heart of neo-paganism, forbidden rituals and the underworld of illegal organ trade.


.....and I've written quite a lot on this one.


Read some?Collapse )


Title: Paradise of the Songbirds(?)/Butterfly's Sleep(?)(completely undecided title. help T_T)

Read more?Collapse )</font></span> 



Hmmm. I wonder how many years it would take for me to actually write some. XDDDDD I get bored really easily.


But what I'd really like is to read more of Freaky's~~! *stalks her*

10 try and forget.. Slip.

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